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Invisible Quilt Hangers
Easy    Elegant    Affordable
Invisible Quilt Hangers For Walls:  Features
Made of architectural steel used for roofing and gutters.  
Archival finish.

  • Bars slide through quilt sleeve and rest on bracket
    tabs.  No special modification of sleeves needed.  

  • Flattened-C shape of bars means no bulging look at
    the top of your quilt.

  • Wall brackets are made of pressed aluminum.  

  • 3M Command™ adhesive strips may be used to hang
    brackets on most home walls.  Brackets have holes for
    optional screws.

  • 3M Command™ strips may be easily removed, without
    leaving marks on a wall.    

  • Magnetic level allows a single person to easily level
    the bars and properly place brackets.
Back view of wall bracket adhered by 3M adhesive strips to hold invisible quilt hanger
Back of quilt view.
Bar on bracket tab
Click to enlarge.
"No See Ums"™ Quilt Hanger kits contain everything
needed to hang your quilt, including telescoping bars,
correct number of brackets, 3M Command adhesive strips
(designed to adhere to a wall and then be removed as
desired without magnetic level.

Full instructions included.  ☺
Above:  First bracket is shown adhered to the
wall. Stick magnetic level on bar.  Use next bracket
to level the bar.  Press to adhere to wall.
Right:  Back of quilt.
Specially designed
bracket has tab which
slips into the slot in the
bar, pushing a bit of the
sleeve with it, and the
bar rests upon the
bracket.  Adhesive to
wall.  Quilt  hangs close
to wall.
Above:  Quilt rests on bracket tabs.
Experience the "No See Ums"™ Invisible Quilt Hanger
Quilts float flat on your wall !

  • Quilts hang in a jiffy, from 9" to 124" wide.  Call us if
    you need a wider width.

  • No drilling, no math, and quilt will be perfectly placed
    on your wall.

  • Hanging with 3M Command™ strips means no marks
    or holes in your wall.

  • You can change and hang different sizes of quilts using
    the same wall brackets.