“No See Ums”TM Invisible Quilt Hangers
The Hang-Ups Company
Ashland, OR
quilt hanging solutions
Invisible quilt hanging system for use with sleeved quilts

Easy    Elegant    Affordable
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Quilt hanger kits accommodate quilts
from 9 to 124 inches in width, priced from
$16.95 to $80.

Kits contain everything needed to hang
your quilt, including telescoping bars,
correct number of brackets, 3M Command
adhesive strips (designed to adhere to a
wall and then be removed as desired
without damaging the wall), optional
screws, and a magnetic leveling device.
Full instructions included.  ☺
How do they work?

Very simply   A telescoping bar, adjustable to a
range of quilt sizes, goes in the sleeve.  The bar
has a slot running lengthwise along its back.  
Brackets push into this slot, taking a little of the
sleeve into the slot as well.  The brackets
support the quilt and the bar, and attach to a
wall using either 3M Command removable
adhesive or screws.  A level is provided in the
kit so that the quilt can be hung levelly with no
measuring necessary.  Lightweight and strong !

Special systems for quilt shows are
available using lanyards (cords with cord-locks)
for draped booths, or with hook and loops for
hard-panel booths.

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"No See Ums" is a trademark of The Hang-Ups Company.  
3M and Command are trademarks of 3M.
Patent pending.
Back view of wall bracket adhered by 3M adhesive strips to hold invisible quilt hanger
Below: INVISIBLE !!  Quilts seem to float on your wall!!
Left:  Back of quilt.
Specially designed
bracket has tab which
slips into the slot in the
bar, pushing a bit of
the sleeve with it, and
the bar rests upon the
bracket.  Adhesive
strips adhere brackets
to wall.  Quilt  hangs
close to wall.
bracket is shown
adhered to the
wall. Stick on
bar.  Use next
bracket to level
the bar.  Press
to adhere to wall.
Back of quilt view.
Bar on bracket tab