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Invisible Quilt Hangers
Note:  Textile art must have a sleeve or loops on the back.  Rugs, tapestries,
embroidery, banners, and any other fiber or fabric art may be hung if it has a
sleeve or loops on the back.
 Pre-made sleeves are available to order.  
Invisible quilt hanger hangs this quilt
Easy       Elegant      Affordable
  •   Quilts appear to float on your wall !

  •   Quilts hang in a jiffy, from 9" to 124" wide.   
    Call us if you need a wider width.

  •   No drilling, no math, and quilt will be
    perfectly placed on your wall.

  •   Hanging with 3M Command™ strips means
    no marks or holes in your wall.

  •   You can change and hang different sizes
    of quilts using the same wall brackets.
Experience the "No See Ums"™ Invisible Quilt Hanger
Invisible Quilt Hangers For Walls
Lanyard "No See Ums"™ invisible quilt hangers
  •   Quilts appear to float against the drape.
  •   Simple-to-use components and special
    hanging tools.

  •   Quilts hang quickly and easily from the
    floor with no need for ladders !

  •   No measuring, no math, and quilt will be
    perfectly placed as you wish to display it.

  •   You can mix and match all components for
    hanging all sizes of quilts and at varying
    hanging heights for different venues.
Quilt Hangers For Quilt Show Exhibit Booths
Patent Pending
Invisible lanyard style quilt hanger for pipe and draped booths
“The ‘No See Ums'™ invisible quilt hanging system
was developed especially for the International Quilt
Market and Festival special exhibit quilts.  It is by far
the best system we have ever used.  It’s easy and quick
and gives excellent results!”    
Karey Bresenhan,   
Manager of Special Exhibits, Quilts, Inc.
Quilt Hangers with Pulleys and Lifts for Walls or Ceilings and other special applications.
The "No See Ums"™ invisible telescoping bars may also
be used in a variety of custom hanging situations.  

  •         Display your quilts high on a wall at home or in a
    quilt shop and change it when you would like at floor
    level, no ladders needed.

  •        Hang a quilt from the ceiling and raise and lower
    easily to the desired height.

  •        Show off two or more quilts either back-to-back
    or in stacked formations on walls or from the ceiling.  
We can help with your custom quilt
hanging.  Phone or email to tell us
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