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quilt hanging solutions and quality massage tools
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Quilt hangers clips clamps and back rollers self back massage tools
Quilt Hanging Solutions™
Hang your quilts, tapestries, and
other fabric art decor
quickly and easily.  
Hang on any wall, draped exhibit
in studio, or in gallery.  
SpineMate™ Back-Rollers
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Give yourself an awesome back
massage anytime you want.  
Simply roll along your
SpineMate™ wooden Back-roller
conveniently at home or work.
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Have you been
quilting away but
realize you're a bit
stiff from sitting too
long?  Check out
our new
back- roller. Use for
great back
massage and neck
Ready to hang a quilt or other piece of
fabric art?  What do you need in your quilt
hanger? We have a full range of quilt
hanging solutions to help !

Do you want to use a beautiful wood
hanger to complement your art and
suspend your textile from its top edge?  Or
do you wish to hang a quilt with no quilt
hanger visible at all?  Do you wish to hang
a quilt in an exhibit booth?  or from a
ceiling?  or on a slat wall in your shop?  
We make quilt hangers for all of these

We make individual Hang-Ups™
quilt hangers which will hang quilts, rugs,
tapestries, weavings, silks, banners, hides,
or any other sort of fabric panel or fiber
art.  The individual clips or clamps hold
your quilt between two pieces of
archivally-sealed wood, tightened together
by a screw.  You tighten only as much as
you need.  The hangers open wide to hold
thick items, even hides,  or can tighten
down to hold a thin silk.  They are spaced
as needed to hold gently without sags.  
They are archival and non-damaging.  
Hang-Ups™ quilt hangers may be used on
all types of walls, suspended by mere push-
pins, tiny brads, screws, or any alternative
hardware you may need for your specialty
wall -- you decide.  These quilt hangers
may also be hung with 3M™  removable
adhesive strips, with no holes in you wall.  
On metal surfaces, magnetic strips on the
back will hold your decorative quilt squares.

Would you prefer using an
invisible quilt
hanger, with just your quilt hanging in
view?  Check out our invisible quilt hangers
for walls.  The No See Ums™ invisible quilt
hanger is hung with 3M™ removable
adhesive strips (no holes in the wall), and
the Super Bars!™ quilt hangers are hung
with two simple yet specialized screws for
drywall.  Both are easy and quick to level
and put up, with no measuring needed !  
In pipe-and-drape booths, the invisible
quilt hangers may be hung with lanyards,
and in store, gallery, or museum displays
the quilt hanger may be used with pulley
cords or brackets.

We also have handy
quilt stands for floor
display.  Come see the fine quality quilt
hangers manufactured by The Hang-Ups
Company today.
It's time for a simple back massage.  Not
making a phone call or getting down on
the floor.  Just roll your back on a
SpineMate™ and get relief for those
tired muscles now!

Have you ever wanted a back massage
or chiropractic help, called for an
appointment, and been told it would be
a three days, a week, two weeks, or
more?   No back wants to wait that long
when it needs massage now!  When
your back muscles need kneading, when
your range of motion is impaired, or
when your health could benefit from just
the right pressure on acupressure points
along the spine,  you need a back
massage now.   

You can use the SpineMate™ Back-
Roller self-massage tool to give yourself
an energizing pick-me-up massage or a
soothing massage.  This is the tool
which lets you walk over to your wall or
door frame and get started on your back
relief.  When your back, neck,
shoulders, or hips are tired or ache, the
time for help is now.

The mounting is easy using 3M
Command™ adhesives. Choose a
convenient wall or door frame.  (Smart
design means your door can continue to
open and close as normal.)

Come check out how simple it is to roll
the aches away as you roll your back  
and neck, shoulders and hips along the
rollers.  Simple, effective back massage.

Place your back along your waiting
SpineMate™self-massager, which is
mounted vertically on your wall or door
frame. No need to get down on the
floor.  You may move your back  gently
along the rollers, by bending your knees
a bit, or you may remain still.  You apply
the exact amount of pressure you
desire, exactly where you desire at any
given moment.  

How about your neck, between the
shoulder blades, a bit lower please?  
Turn your back a bit to get one set of
rollers on that muscle just under the
shoulder blade, and now turn to
massage that area along the top of the
hip.  Customize and change the height
easily as you massage different areas
along your spine or elsewhere.  

You can bend your knees a bit or simply
lean back to add pressure as you desire.
Some users find small spinal adjustments
occur as their muscles release tension.

Aaahh..... It's easy, it's fun, and it feels
great to roll your back !

Use the back-roller tool for a quick 30-
second energizing massage, hold
pressure points for 90 seconds, or work
more deeply for therapeutic massage,  
any time, in the privacy of your home.  
Also great for the employee break room,
or fitness center.   

Calling all quilters, sewers, crafters, as
well as fire-fighters, police-officers,
construction workers, and laborers,  
students, office workers, lab workers
and basically everybody who needs a
back massage !  Indeed, the
benefits of
massage are many and are for everyone.  

Try the SpineMate™ back-roller for great
self-back-massage today in the comfort of
your own time and space.

Use an Invisible quilt
hanger to hang your
quilt, rug, tapestry,
banner, weaving,
embroidery, and all
textiles - hang a quilt
in a jiffy ☺

You provide the loops
or sleeve on the back
of your fabric art, and
our quilt hanger kits
will provide
everything else you
may need to hang a
quilt on standard
walls.  Pre-made
sleeves also available
to order.

Invisible quilt hangers
also will work with
pulley cords to hang
a quilt.  They will
work in pipe and
drape booths for
exhibits.  We are
busily designing new
variations of the quilt
hanger to work with
new applications.  
Please phone or
email with any
questions, and we
can discuss your
unique needs to hang
quilts, rugs,
tapestries or other
hanging fabric art.  ☺

Quilt Hangers for
Guilds and Exhibitors:
Check out our lanyard
"No See Ums"™
invisible quilt
hangers, designed to
hang quilts for pipe
and drape booths at
quilt shows, galleries,
and other special

Wooden quilt
hangers may be used
on any quilt and on
any wall.  You may
even hang quilts on a
curved wall or around
a corner.  Look for
instructions for using
with removable 3M
Command™ adhesive
strips to hang the
quilt clips too. ☺

Peruse the beautiful
Rebecca Barker
Quiltscape cards and
gifts.  Who on your
list would like a
quiltscape mousepad

Finally, take a look at
a wonderful way to
give yourself a home
back  massage any
time you would like.
Massage and roll your
back, neck, and
shoulders so easily.  
Share with friends
too Easily adjustable
for multiple heights,
up to 14" apart.  
Call or email with any
questions. ☺

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